I Organize U

        Personal Services


- Reorganize your physical space


      • Prepare a floor plan
      • Assign a home for items
      • Find organizing supplies
      • Customize a system that can be maintained
- Declutter
      • Sort
      • Donate
      • Reuse
  - Filing System (Paper and Digital)

More than one of my clients has needed a customized filing system. 

The way I develop it, it can be both for papers, as well as synced with

the computer.

      • Sort and organize files
      • Purge unnecessary files
      • Develop a customized filing system that you can maintain




- Digital Asset Management

I can help you to digitize and organize your photos and word documents.



- Downsizing/Moving/Relocation


I can help with any aspect of downsizing, moving or relocation which might include:


      • Prepare a floor plan of your new space
      • Help eliminate items that are no longer used
      • Help pack and unpack 


Do you need to find space for a new family member?

  • aging parent(s)
  • young adult
  • new baby



Are you or your parents finding yourselves as empty nesters, wanting to downsize, move to a smaller space and get situated?


When you have company, do you rotate piles of 'stuff' from one room to another just to get it out of sight?