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     We can help you clean up your space and keep it straight!

Have you spent time organizing your closet only to have

it back to being messy in a few months?


Is your computer desktop full of pictures (icons) of files

and you find it impossible to find what you are looking for?


Do you lose valuable time looking for documents that

are buried beneath a pile of papers?


If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then,

whatever your problem, I will be able to help you.  Not
only will I create a customized system for your physical
space, paperwork or computer system, but I will also
provide you with a way to maintain that system.
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Ellen Pinsky


After taking early retirement from teaching, I wanted to find a way to use my organizational skills to help others (both individuals and businesses).  I decided to become a professional organizer!

In 2006, I founded I Organize U, a company whose goal is to help people:
  • Organize their spaces.
  • Get rid of their clutter.
  • Allow them more time to do the things they really want to do.