I Organize U

        Business Services


- Reorganize your physical space


      • Prepare a floor plan
      • Assign a home for items
      • Find organizing supplies
      • Customize a system that can be maintained 



- Declutter


      • Sort
      • Donate
      • Reuse



- Filing System (Paper and Digital)

More than one of my clients has needed a customized filing system. 

The way I develop it, it can be both for papers, as well as synced with

the computer.

      • Sort and organize files
      • Purge unnecessary files
      • Develop a customized filing system that you can maintain



- Digital Asset Management


I can help you to digitize, organize and archive any photos and word

documents that your business might have.




Are you overwhelmed by paper and clutter in your office?




Do you experience reduced productivity due to an inefficient filing system?



Do you need help archiving photos and other data?